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In case of any objection against the work of certification body is possible to submit complain or appeal to our work. We take every complain or appeal as an opportunity to improve our services, therefore, they are welcome. You can submit complain or appeal anytime in written form to the address:

EVPU a.s.
Trencianska 19
018 51 Nova Dubnica
Slovak Republic

Complains or appeals submitted by another way will not be handled in order with processes of the certification body.

Process of resolving the complaint or appeal:

  • receiving of complaint or appeal,
  • registration of the complain or appeal into the book “Complaints and appeals” by the Director,
  • verification and acknowledgment that complain or appeal is concerning the work of the certification body. In case it does not it is provided information that the complain or appeal will not be investigated and will be made record into the book “Complaints and appeals”. In case the complain or appeal is concerning the work of certification body it will be announced with information that there will be performed investigation,
  • collecting and verification of information necessary for investigation.
  • During every meeting with claimer will be written minutes in two copies (one for each site),
  • the decision about resolving,
  • record into the book “Complaints and appeals” regarding the resolving and date,
  • formal notice about resolving to claimer.

Certification body act in line non-decimation principle to clients which submitted complain or appeal against its activities in the past.