Testing and certification

Testing, Conformity Assessment, Inspection, ECE, NBU, IECEECB, CCA, ENEC.


News: Innovations in the EMC Laboratory

EVPÚ a. s., has improved the infrastructure equipment for the accredited EMC laboratory with new technology for measurements according to the military standard MIL STD-461.


Testing in the areas of electrical safety, electromagnetic compatibility, temperature and climate tests, mechanical tests and enclosure testing, construction products.

Product Certification

Certification of electrotechnical products in normal fabrication, electrotechnical products from point of view EMC, construction products.

International Certification Scheme

Testing and certification within international schemes IECEE CB, ETICS, CCA-EMC and ENEC.

Other Services

Homologation EHK, e-mark e 27, E-mark E-27 and National Security Authority certification.

Database of Certificates

List of issued certificates with release date and validity information.