Construction Products

In its specialised laboratories EVPÚ a.s. performs tests of construction products (Fire detection and fire alarm systems) under Regulation No. 305/2011 of the European Parliament and of the Council (EC).

In our test laboratories we perform tests pursuant to the following standards:

EN 54-2 Control and indicating equipment
EN 54-3 Fire alarm devices — Sounders
EN 54-4 Power supply equipment
EN 54-5 Heat detectors — Point detectors
EN 54-7 Smoke detectors — Point detectors using scattered light, transmitted light or ionization
EN 54-10 Flame detectors — Point detectors
EN 54-11 Manual call points
EN 54-12 Smoke detectors — Line detectors using optical light beam
EN 54-16 Voice alarm control and indicating equipment
EN 54-17 Short-circuit isolators
EN 54-18 Input/output devices
EN 54-20 Aspirating smoke detectors
EN 54-21 Alarm transmission and fault warning routing equipment
EN 54-22 Resettable line-type heat detectors
EN 54-23 Fire alarm devices – Visual alarm devices
EN 54-24 Components of voice alarm systems – Loudspeakers
EN 54-25 Components using radio links
EN 54-27 Duct smoke detectors
EN 54-28 Non-resettable line-type heat detectors
EN 54-29 Multi-sensor fire detectors – Point detectors using a combination of smoke and heat sensors

EN 14604 Smoke alarm devices
EN 12094-1 Fixed fire fighting systems — Components for gas extinguishing systems. Requirements and test methods for electrical automatic control and delay devices
EN 12101-10 Smoke and heat control systems – Power supplies
EN 50575 Power, control and communication cables. Cables for general applications in construction works subject to reaction to fire requirements